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Cashmere Insight #1: it promotes sleep

Thursday - Jan. 21, 2021 With a restless baby on your hands, you will try anything to get them to sleep through the night. Our advice? Try cashmere blankets to... Read More

Benefits of Cashmere for Your Babies & Kids

When I had my first baby, I couldn’t find any other material that had as many benefits for babies as cashmere did. Here are some of the benefits of buying cashmere...
Baby in cashmere
The 10 Commandments of “A Start Up Entrepreneur"

The 10 Commandments of “A Start Up Entrepreneur"

Things you need to know once you embark on the journey of entrepreneurship!


This is a story of girl discovers cashmere, girl falls in love with cashmere and girls builds a brand inspired by her love affair with cashmere! 
keep calm and wear cashmere