As a new entrepreneur i realized that i had to give up on /change ALOT of things in my life.  It has been a lonely journey and an emotional roller coaster. Here are 10 things that happened to me and i know some of you can relate to them as well... feel free to add to my list of commandments! see you at the top...


1/ Determined you shall be:

When I started Mila Christina Cashmere for Babies clothing line; got the inspiration, worked on the concept, it seemed like I was the only one to believe in my empire. For everyone else, I was speaking in tongues; I sucked at drawing, knew little to nothing about cashmere production and my baby was just 6 moths old. To add to that, the fashion industry is one of the hardest businesses to get into and here I was venturing into something completely unknown.

For many people, it seemed “risqué” and not the right time. It is NEVER the right time anyways. The more people told me I would never be able to figure it out, the more I was pumped up! I am stubborn indeed. It is a good thing to listen to people but it is even better to listen to yourself and go with you gut feelings! 


2/ Notes all over the place you shall have:

I don’t know about you, but I am old school and need to have notes to keep up with my thoughts. I have 1 note book on the kitchen counter, 1 on the dinning table, notes on my phone and one more note book next to my bed because I read somewhere that inspiration can come in dreams, hasn’t happened to me yet! Keeping it there just in case!.. the funny thing is that I have almost the same To Do list in all of them! Not sure why I need that many notebooks. At least, I am coherent. Find what works for you and stay organized!


 3/ Every "LIKE" shall matter:

Here we go with the social media addictions; every time I post, will be on my phone nonstop for the next hour. It is annoying to my family and to myself. I can’t help it! I don’t need Instagram insights tools to tell me how many new followers or likes I have per day. I know all of that already! I am learning to be a little more relaxed with social media. Balance in everything you do is key.


4/ You shall give up on your social life:

Unfortunately, I no longer get to see my friends as much  and for several reasons: I moved out of the city, I have a kid and being an entrepreneur does take a lot of time and energy. I really don’t think you can have it all to be quiet honest. You will have to give up on something: Social life, family time, personal time etc. you pick. There is not enough time in a day to fit everything and everyone, priorities matter. In my case, i had to give up on my social life, but everyone once in a while (like once every 2 months) I try to make that time and meet up with my dear friends.


5/ New words you shall learn:

Trademark, Registration, Patent, Design Patent, Import Duties, Sales taxe, Nexus Physical and the list goes on. I am sure I already came across some of these words; perhaps in school or while reading a book and/ or article, to be quiet honest, I don’t think I knew their real meaning until I went into business. You will probably learn or come across new terminologies based on your field of activity just make sure you learn more on their meaning before discussing them with people or seeking for legal advice.


6/ Free time you shall hate:

 I have a love and hate relationship with free time. I dream of free time and every time I get it, I stress even more, I get bored or feel useless. Enjoy free time and calm waters. As the saying goes; "when it rains it pours!”…


7/ Broke you shall be:

 That one too! Start saving…


8/ Annoying to others you shall become:

I feel like I am always either talking about my daughters or my businesses. Then you all tell me I am trying to sell you something! Hell yeahhhhhh go to and get a cashmere something for your baby, if you don’t have a baby, then have one! or get something for your nephew and/or niece, babies are everywhere get one as a gift! Stop playing… besides this Fall we shall have adult sizes so stay tuned! Never stop being annoying, its called passion hehe!


9/ Small businesses you shall support

Ever since I started my baby clothing line, I have come across a lot of talented mommies who started their own business inspired by their kids. I find myself shopping at their stores, I respect the hustle. Entrepreneurs do work hard and mommy entrepreneurs even work harder! Support small businesses when you can.


10/ Real Freedom you shall experience:

I will end with this one, which is probably my favorite. I am blessed to be able to decide on my work schedule. I get to spend a lot time with my daughter and enjoy every moment of it because I know she will soon grow up and eventually have her own life. Nothing can be more rewarding! The life of an entrepreneur is very challenging and not all glamorous as portrayed , but you know what… I wouldn’t trade it for anything! If you are thinking about starting your own business all I can say is: Just Do It and i will see you at the top!


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