My Story

As a new parent, I was always concerned about keeping my daughter Mila warm in the winter while ensuring her clothes were still light, breathable, and comfortable enough for her to be free and active as any child should be.  The difficulty of finding clothes that would fulfill these requirements led me to make my vision a reality by creating a physically beneficial and casual babies and kids clothing brand: Mila Christina.  I couldn't find any material more beneficial for kids than pure cashmere, so I made sure to use only 100% cashmere fibers straight from Inner Mongolia. 

Cashmere aka "soft gold" is the jewel of all fabrics. It is luxurious, soft and durable. The fibers are able to actually regulate your baby’s body temperature. In the winter, it keeps your baby warm and well insulated without overheating; in the summer, it keeps your baby cool due to the fiber’s high moisture content. Pure cashmere is also hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and moisture-wicking, making it the ultimate material for that delicate baby and toddler skin.  

Mila Christina was born out of passion, necessity and with the idea of creating a contemporary brand that offers the most to our vulnerable little ones. Alongside our use of beneficial material for a child's physical wellbeing, we promote teaching young children about the value of cultural diversity and other heritages. Our collections feature unique prints and patterns inspired by different countries around the world. All colors for these prints are used using only non-artificial dyes.

I hope all of the mothers, fathers, family members and friends who purchase our garments will enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of each piece. I am confident that the natural and soft feel of our pure cashmere will be perfect for that special little one in your life. 


- Ollia Njibaloh, Founder and Creative Director of Mila Christina