Benefits of Alpaca Fur for Your Babies & Kids

The quality of alpaca wool and yarn is exceptional… so exceptional that alpaca wool is what was used by NASA to travel to space, as it is fire-resistant, warm, and one of the most beneficial materials available. 

Ethical Production

Alpaca skin and fur is known for being some of the only materials with 100% natural and organic cashmere. Any skins used are only derived after the natural death of alpacas while the wool comes from non-harmful shearing of alpacas. 

100% Natural

Alpaca fur, when produced without other materials as our booties are, is 100% natural! Despite the recent rise in synthetic materials, nothing compares to the feel of natural fabrics, especially when it comes to your baby. Why put a material that has been engineered in a lab or crafted with unwanted chemicals on your baby’s delicate skin? Using 100% natural fibers is always a safer way to go to lower the risk of your baby developing an allergy to its clothing. 

Promotes Sleep and Soothes

Alpaca fur, like cashmere, is extremely soft and one of the most premium materials available for babies. Its soft texture soothes and comforts those restless little ones, as does its thermostatic properties.

Hypoallergenic and Gentle

This luxe material has hypoallergenic properties, which means a low-risk of developing skin allergies or worsening eczema. If your baby suffers from either of these, you may want to choose our alpaca fur baby booties. Our booties will not irritate your baby’s skin nor will they trigger an allergic reaction. 

 Fire-Resistant Properties

Cashmere has natural fire-resistant properties and when it is exposed to fire, while it will smolder, it will not melt onto the skin, and it can self–extinguish once the source of the flame has gone out.

Regulates Body-Temperature

Alpaca fur has the ability to keep your baby’s body warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This is due to the fur's versatility and high moisture content, which allows the fibers to easily adapt to the body’s temperature. 

This means that unlike synthetic fibers, which can leave you hot and sweaty, alpaca fur allows your skin to breathe, which helps regulate the body's temperature. And with our alpaca fur being available as booties, you can use these to help protect your little one's tiny toes from losing too much heat during the extreme winter temperatures! 

Maximum Warmth

This type of animal fur is extremely light and yet is still up to 8 times warmer than regular sheep's wool, which makes alpaca fur the ideal winter essential for babies and kids. It feels incredibly snug and lush against your skin. 

Up to around 18 months old, babies find it hard to regulate their own temperature.  Little ones, especially if they are sick or were born prematurely, can lose body heat quickly if they are not kept warm enough, making cashmere the best material for their wellbeing. Plus, feet are one of the last body parts to receive good blood supply, making it difficult to keep them warm. 

Endless Comfort

Alpaca fur is plush and luxuriously soft, which comes from the high loft fiber (air within the fiber). Its lightweight feel means that your child's feet won’t feel constrained in their booties, giving them maximum comfort.

Super Durable and Long-Lasting

The material is actually up to 4 times more resistant than regular wool, meaning it is much more likely for your alpaca fur products to last longer than other materials. Alpaca fur will endure the wear-and-tear that comes with active kids.

For Any Occasion

Our booties are amazing for lounging at home or when you want to take your baby for a stroll!