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After looking through our products, you may have noticed that we only offer 100% cashmere pieces for babies and toddlers. And when people see this, they almost always ask “why cashmere?”

Cashmere (when not blended with other synthetics) benefits a person’s physical wellbeing the most and is also more eco-friendly. Before the launch of our brand, Mila Christina’s founder, Ollia Njibaloh, conducted research on various materials and how each can impact our sensitive little ones. Now, most materials are not truly bad for you, but when searching for the one that would do the most to protect, prevent and soothe your child, pure cashmere came out the winner

Even so, most parents still end up purchasing cotton because they believe it is more lightweight and breathable for their child. But that is where parents are wrong! Even when purchasing pure cotton clothes, you still won’t get as many naturally beneficial properties from cotton clothes as you would from organic cashmere. Here is why:

Cashmere is More Eco-friendly - While producing cashmere still takes a bit of water, that amount of water is still less than what is needed to produce organic cotton, which takes a massive 2,700 liters of water to produce! And with this 27,000 liters, for every one cotton shirt made, 87 cashmere shirts could be produced! This means that cashmere is actually much more kind on our planet. 

Cashmere is More Durable - Pure cashmere has high-elastic fibers, meaning that the fibers can stretch quite easily but will still snap back into their original shape and size later. This makes for more durable clothing for your little one, which means you won’t have to worry about the usual wear and tear problem that cotton clothes have!

Cashmere is More Gentle - Cotton may be soft, but cashmere is softer. Pure cashmere is incomparable when it comes to the material’s plush and luxurious feel. Cotton, also, tends to be mixed with other synthetic materials, creating a higher chance that your little one’s skin could become irritated from the clothing. Another plus: pure cashmere is always 100% naturally hypoallergenic, while in most cases some cotton clothes are not. 

Cashmere is More Breathable - There are two extremely beneficial properties that pure cashmere has while cotton does not: the ability to regulate body temperature and to wick away excess moisture. While cotton is quite light, it is not able to cool down your body when hot or keep your body warm when cold. Cashmere, however, is thermostatic, making your little one more comfortable in all temperatures. The luxe material also has very lightweight fibers that are able to soak up any excess sweat that your body is producing. 

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