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There are many struggles when raising a newborn, and tracking their weight gain can be one of them. While you may become worried about why your baby isn’t gaining weight at the average pace, it is actually something that happens to multiple newborns! It is normal for there to be some difficulty, but if your little one’s weight continues to stay the same for a longer period of time, then there may be a cause for concern. 

If you happen to be one of those concerned parents, the first thing to do is research, come up with some options for why your baby might be struggling, and think of different methods to help. 


Talk to Your Doctor - Of course, always always go to your doctor. While doing research can help and give you some safe methods to try out at home, we always recommend speaking with your pediatrician. 

Try Supplementing - Sometimes, using an alternative method to feed your baby can do the trick. There are multiple ways you can try out: cup feeding, supplemental nursing system, syringe feeding, eyedropper, spoon feeding, bottle feeding. Make sure to get advice from a certified lactation consultant before using these methods as you want to make sure you use them properly. 

Latching Problems - Your baby’s weight gain problem might be as simple as latching issues, so try talking to a lactation specialist to learn tips on how to get your baby to properly latch onto your breast when feeding. 

Incorrect Amount of Formula - This could happen to any of us; some parents might be giving their baby an incorrect measurement of formula during each feeding, or could even be mixing the formula wrong. No worries! Make sure to measure and mix carefully and see if the problem resolves. 

Sleepy Feedings - One problem may be that your baby is falling asleep during feeding time, which means that they are not drinking enough milk. If they don’t seem to be getting as much milk as they should, try keeping them awake and feeding for a little longer than you usually would. 





Mila Christina has no medical license; all team articles are written using research from medical sites and reliable blogs.


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