With a second wave of Covid-19 approaching (and a possible future of being stuck inside again) these activities are sure to make the time pass by much faster for you and your little one. 

Right when we thought life might get a little more normal, Covid cases began to rise again, meaning a long winter with limited outdoor activities. Kids, however, still need ways to release all of their youthful energy! Worried about taking them to the playground or having even one-on-one playdates with close family friends? Read on to see what suggestions Mila Christina has come up with for even the most safety-conscious of parents. 

Covid-concious Indoor Activities for Kids of All Ages

  • Fashion Show - ALL children love dressing up and putting on a show for their parents and siblings. Let your kids go through old vintage pieces you never wear, old costumes, clothes from their rooms and any bags of unwanted clothes you meant to take to Goodwill ages ago. Your kids will love strutting and dancing down a “runway” you made together and filming their most creative looks that they assembled! 

  • Virtual Adventures - Yes, parents want to keep their kids off of screens as much as possible, but sometimes screen time can be educational and active! Try out the Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer with the Google Arts and Culture app to keep your little one off the couch and amazed! 

  • “GoNoodle Get Moving” Videos - These amazing videos, which you can find on Youtube, are a HUGE help when you want your kid to get some exercise, but also need a break from playing with them. Turn one of these on, and the video will instruct your child to follow dance or exercise moves while incorporating a fun, playful story or a catchy kid-friendly song! Trust me, your little ones will tire out after a few of these.

  • At-Home Discotec - I LOVE this one. When I was in elementary school I had a 70’s themed disco birthday party in my basement with my friends. It was so much fun and we were EXHAUSTED afterwards. To set this up for your kids, either get a cheap hanging disco ball and shine flashlights on it, or buy a rotating disco ball that you can set on the floor. Use party decorations, 70’s themed costumes, great dance music, fun snacks and drinks to create an awesome and active atmosphere. Incorporate games like freeze-dance to make it even more interesting!

  • Balloon Volleyball - This one is great if you are afraid of your kids breaking something inside the house while playing! Blow up a balloon and challenge them to keep the balloon up in the air for as long as they possibly can. Balloon volleyball will have your kids working as a team and tire them out easily.

  • At-Home Bowling - Bowling is always fun, even when you can’t leave your house to do it! Make some of those classic bowling treats like hotdogs, fries and pizza with your kids and then set up a bowling course! Use plastic cups for bowling pins and any small to medium sized ball you have lying around. Use colored tape to draw a lane on your floor and use a notebook, chalkboard or whiteboard as a scoreboard.  

  • Create a Music Video - here are so many ways to get creative with this one: copy dance moves from a music video your kid enjoys, create new dance moves, lipsing to the song, edit the video together (depending on your kids age), use lighting, background setting, costumes, etc to make your kid feel like a pop star! Send the music video out to friends and family so they can enjoy as well.

  • Charades - Let's face it, this classic is always something that kids find enjoyable. Have your children act out different things like animals, tv-shows, books, people, an everyday activity or whatever else you can think of. This guessing game is bound to get their heart pumping and will bring lots of laughter all around. 

  • Treasure Hunt - If you're tired but your kid isn’t yet, try hiding multiple objects around your house and coming up with clues for where you placed each object. Your little one can run around the house trying to find each object while you take a much needed break. Motivate them to find the objects with a special prize for afterward like a tasty treat or new toy.

  • If and when another shutdown occurs, you will still be able to have fun with your kids and keep them active (and hopefully tired by the end of the day). Just head back to this blog post and try out these creative indoor ideas! 

    What indoor activities have you been doing with your kids to help them release their crazy energy? Comment below!

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