Stay home; keep your families, friends and everyone else safe! Some amazing people have made the quarantine bearable by sharing their talents and entertaining us for free. The quarantine doesn’t have to be a bad experience and DJ D-Nice just proved it.

A new era and a new concept, if you haven’t heard of it yet, #CLUB QUARANTINE is the only club with open doors! Yes you can still go clubbing during the quarantine and take your mind off the craziness.

CLUB QUARTINE opened its online doors on Wednesday March 18th hosted by legendary rapper/producer/celebrity DJ, Derrick "D-Nice” and ever since, DJ D-Nice live from his living room condo in Los Angeles has given us many reasons to keep partying.

This virtual dance party has been named: "Homeschoolin': Social Distancing Dance Party" and we are loving it!

DJ D-Nice definitely brings in the heat each time, if you haven’t attended the Homeschoolin': Social Distancing Dance Party , you are missing out but no worries, I am sure DJ D –Nice will grace us with many more epic virtual club moments.


Here are some few things that I love about #CLUB QUARANTINE, Homeschoolin': Social Distancing Dance Parties:


  1. Free! Yes you heard me `, it is 100% free; you just have to join the party!
  1. Party with people from all over the world and stay connected
  1. You can party from anywhere: You bedroom, your living room. The choice is yours
  1. All ages admitted no ID required; for mommies like me, it is amazing! You can bring your babies. Porsha Williams from the Housewives of Atlanta joined  and shared some moves with her baby girl Pilar Jhena. When will you ever have the opportunity to club with your kids again? Start the party with them, tire them up, put them to bed and get back to the party!
  1. Party with celebrities! Some of our favorite celebrities stopped by CLUB QUARANTINE, an opportunity to say hello to them: Drake, Kelly Rowland, Taraji P. Henson, Oprah, Michelle Obama, Ellen DeGeneres just to name a few and Netflix joined the party as well.
  1. Bring your own bottle; wine for you and milk for the babies
  1. Everyone is a VIP: isn’t that amazing?
  1. You can catch your friends at the club: @sandraostylesotry I saw you!
  1. Get glammed up just for the hec of it, or go in your PJ’s. The choice is yours; it is a judgment free zone…
  1. Music and movement have a healing effect, take your mind off all this craziness, dance it off and stay strong and positive.

 Thank you Dj D- Nice for this unique experience. Make sure to follow at DJ D-Nice @dnice to get the latest updates on the Homeschoolin': Social Distancing Dance Party dates .See you all at #CLUB QUARATINE!


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