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As we all know, our little ones are more susceptible to viruses as their immune systems are still immature. And because of this, we can’t help but worry about what virus (especially with Covid-19 still out there) our baby will catch! 


While it is almost impossible to stop your baby from catching a cold or the flu, there are various methods you can use to try to prevent your baby from catching something during that dreadful season.



Keep ‘em Covered in Public Places - Of course, everyone wants to get close to your baby and say hello - your little one is adorable! But, people can transfer so many germs through their fingers and breath, so preventing strangers from getting close can really help during flu season. How do you do this? Try using a light blanket to cover your baby up to their neck - this will make them less noticeable to adoring strangers and hopefully get your baby to fall asleep, which means you have an excuse to ask people to not get close! 


Try our pure cashmere baby blankets for this method. Pure cashmere actually promotes a baby’s sleep through thermostatic & hypoallergenic properties and ultra-soft organic fibers. 

Get the Flu Shot - As a parent, you are aware that you could easily be the one to get your baby sick (unintentionally of course!). That is why getting your flu shot each year is super important as it will make it much less likely for your baby to catch anything from you: someone who has to get close to that adorable, yet vulnerable, little one. This is especially important when your baby is less than six months old since that age is not yet allowed to receive a vaccine - so you getting that jab is your only option. 

No Symptomatic People Allowed - Yes, this might sound a bit extreme, but when you have an infant you can never be too careful. Always ask if anyone that plans to visit your home has had any recent symptoms like sneezing, coughing, fever, nausea, or a sore throat. Any small symptom could mean that a spreadable virus is building and just hasn’t shown itself yet. If they end up going near your baby, it is very likely that they will catch it. 


Keep it Clean - It’s hard to keep everything clean when you are a parent, but during flu season and with a baby in the house, try to wipe everything down with disinfectant wipes as much as you can. This, plus washing your hands often and after you go out in public will really go a long way when it comes to protecting your baby from a lurking virus. 

Worried about keeping your baby warm and protected from the cold during flu season? Shop for baby clothes & accessories made from the most beneficial material (pure cashmere) HERE! Pure cashmere is thermostatic, three times warmer than wool, and soft as a cloud on your little one’s sensitive skin. 






Mila Christina has no medical license; all team articles are written using research from medical sites and reliable blogs.



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