Thursday - Feb. 18, 2021

Babies and kids have very delicate skin, which means parents are always looking for the most gentle and natural products that won’t irritate their little ones. Cashmere, in this case, is the safest option for every child when it comes to clothing. 


How cashmere protects & benefits skin:

Hypoallergenic Properties - Cashmere has hypoallergenic properties, which means a low-risk of developing skin allergies. If your baby suffers from skin allergies or eczema, you may want to choose our cashmere baby bodysuits. Our garments will not irritate your baby’s skin nor will they trigger an allergic reaction. 

Extra Warmth - This luxurious material feels extremely light, but is actually 3 times warmer than regular sheeps wool. Whether your child is inside a room with very dry air or outside in the harsh winter, cashmere will be your best bet when you wish to protect your little one’s skin from becoming dry and chapped. 

Antibacterial Properties - Cashmere is actually naturally antibacterial, unlike some other clothing brands where they add chemicals to the fabric to make it self-cleaning. With cashmere’s self-cleaning property, however, bacteria that is exposed to the fabric’s surface can be removed without compromising your child’s skin’s wellbeing. And when there is less bacteria in your clothing, there is less of a chance that a rash will form!


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Ultra-Soft Fibers - Cashmere fibers are much finer than wool and are spun tightly together to produce a smooth, soft texture that feels heavenly-soft. Choosing cashmere over regular sheeps wool or a synthetic material means choosing a material that won’t feel scratchy or harsh on your baby’s delicate skin. 

Moisture Wicking Properties - Tight clothes and clothes that make you sweat can actually cause irritation or contact dermatitis. Cashmere, however, naturally wicks away any excess moisture, leaving your baby feeling comfortable and dry throughout the day. 

100% cashmere - Cashmere comes from the undercoat of a cashmere goat, so it is 100% natural! Despite the recent rise in synthetic materials, nothing compares to the feel of natural fabrics, especially when it comes to your baby. Why put a material that has been engineered in a lab or crafted with unwanted chemicals on your baby’s delicate skin? Using 100% natural fibers is always a safer way to go to lower the risk of your baby developing an allergy to its clothing.


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