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Introduce your baby's little feet to our stylish 100% alpaca baby booties! 


Did you know it can take up to three months for your baby's circulation to adapt to life outside of the womb? Plus, feet are one of the last body parts to receive good blood supply, making it difficult to keep them warm. 

Protect those tiny toes using one of the softest, coziest, and most beneficial materials: pure baby alpaca wool.

A few of alpaca  beneficial properties include regulating body temperature, heat conservation (8 times warmer than regular wool), preventing allergies/eczema, and having a natural look and feel. 

Our booties feature fluffy and plush caramel-colored and a sheepskin padding on the bottom, which displays the Mila Christina logo!

*There can be some variance in the texture and color of the soles and fur because of the natural hair of the baby alpaca.

Note: We care about animals and the materials we use.  We have a transparent supply chain right back to the farms in Peru where we source our alpaca. Alpaca's are treated ethically - no animal is killed in the process; The skins are obtained by the natural death of the animal, the causes may be due to the extreme cold in the Peruvian Andes. Additionally, Alpacas a subjected to a shearing process where the hair that covers it is carefully cut and separated and that is how the soft wool is obtained.

Size: 3-6 months

Color: fawn

Material: 100% Baby Alpaca

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Customer Reviews

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Gave this as a baby gift, the mom loved them! They are quite unique and special. They also shipped to the UK very fast.

Thank you Melissa ❤️

Super soft and adorable

We love these booties! They are incredibly soft and adorable.

Thank you! We are glad you liked them ❤️

iris v.
So soft

The booties arrived very fast. Customer service was exceptional as they answered very quickly and were kind. The booties themselves are super soft and the 9-12 fit my 7 month old very well with a generous amount of room for growth. These are definitely heirloom material and will be passed down to our future babies and their babies as well.

Thank you! we are glad your little one will enjoy the booties.