Here is an unusual analogy I want to share with you; ” Running a business is like driving on the highway”

Exactly! Read it one more time because I came up with that one. This analogy strikes me every time I am  driving on the highway hence, I had to write something about it.

Similarly to driving on the highway, running a business/being an entrepreneur requires balance and focus. You have to trust your senses and most of the time, go with your gut feelings.

It goes like this:

Quick glance at the rear view mirror to see what is coming = quick glance at your past business decisions to avoid making the same mistakes. But, if keep looking back, you will bump into something and you will crash.

Quick look at what is happening ahead of you to anticipate your next move = look forward to anticipate future trends and market changes. But, if you spend too much time looking far ahead you will not be aware of what is going on right next to you and you will crash.

You keep an eye on what other drivers on your right and on your left are doing = you keep an eye on your immediate surrounding to see what your competition is doing. But, if you spend too much time looking at what others are doing you will lose yourself and you will crash.

You switch lanes to avoid traffic, dangerous driver and/or when you are in a hurry= you switch gears to adapt to the market or react to a sudden change in demand. But, if you keep changing lanes you will miss out long-term opportunities and you will ? Good you are getting it!

Finally, when you are tired it is ok to stop at the rest area. As a business owner, it is ok to take a break when you start feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Recharge, get inspired and get back to the road because if don’t you will crash.

The big difference is that when you drive, your GPS gives you an approximate arrival time, in business, your faith and your endurance will determine your time to shine.

If you have started your business, know that “ you are now in the great game and the great game is terrifying ”

Next time you are driving, think of this analogy; it will make a lot of sense!


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  • Gisele: August 25, 2017
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    Soo true!!! Great marketing analysis!!!

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