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Golden Flowers Turtle Neck Kids Sweater

100% cashmere 

Our cashmere kids' sweaters are soft, comfortable and cozy. Our sweaters are up to 3 times more insulating that regular sheep’s wool and will keep your little ones warm and well protected during the cold weather. Our sweaters are lightweight and have a natural stretch, which allows ease of movements and comfort necessary for active  kids. Our sweaters are made of soft natural fibers that will not  irritate their sensitive skin. Cashmere fibers allows the skin  to breathe and helps regulate the body temperature without over heating. The benefits of our cashmere kids  sweaters are numerous so do not hesitate to pamper that special little one!

The turtle neck has buttons at the top which allows you to wear the sweater in 2 styles (open or closed).

Russian Winter Collection :  This unique style features golden flowers embroidered on the front, back and on the sleeves of the sweater. Inspired by Russian art. This sweater is thicker than our other sweaters.

  All our sweaters are unisex.

Concerned about cashmere care? Hand wash in lukewarm water using a mild soap or machine wash on delicate. Always lay the sweater flat to dry in order to maintain the shape and voila!