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What I Learned From Putin

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My mother wanted to watch the recently released four-part documentary by Oliver Stone. Stone’s documentary basically consists of his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin conducted over a period of nearly two years from the spring of 2015 to February of 2017.





Little background: My mother is Russian and pro Putin. In her opinion, Putin has been able to restore the name of “Great Russia”. On the other hand her mother, my grandmother is anti Putin and does not like his corrupted politics and “dictatorship”. When debates arise, I grab popcorn and FIGHT (street fighter video game voice)

 Friday night, Show Time on Demand on and ready to watch Oliver Stone’s Four Part Interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Out of curiosity, I decided to stick around for the first few minutes before getting back to my stuff. After the first episode, I was still sitting on the carpet staring at the TV and ready for more…


I must admit that I was stroke by his composure; language (simple and stern) and he even cracked a few jokes! Not at all what I expected from the “Ice Tsar”.

As Stone puts it, Vladimir Putin is like a CEO and Russia is his business, so I wanted to relate a few things President Putin said or that I noticed about him to entrepreneurship.

Lets Go!


1. Discipline: 

Putin has been practicing Judo since age 13 and admits that the practice has helped him with discipline as he puts it, “Without discipline, it will be impossible to work and you will lack strength”. As an entrepreneur you HAVE to be disciplined because you are the captain and without discipline your ship will sink! Discipline in nearly all aspects of your personal life and business (both go together): schedules, ethnics, spending the $$, and the list goes on. My “bête noir” is procrastination!

2. Flexibility:

“You HAVE and MUST be flexible”. Very true especially in today’s world were things change every second. Staying current is staying relevant.

3. Fit:

Going back to his Judo practice and his love for outdoor activities. President Putin is very fit. Your body is your temple and your health is the most valuable asset. Body and Mind baby!

 4. Do not lose your self-control:

Yes, Yes, Yes! Putin’s self control game is on point! Stone touched on sensitive subjects during the interview: corruption, homosexuality, dictatorship etc. Putin did not blink. Poker face at all times! Losing control as an entrepreneur is easy with so many decisions to make and problems solve. Meditate, breath, and/or turn your tongue 10 times in your mouth before talking but stay correct at all times! Put an imaginary mirror between you and whatever is about to make you lose your self-control.

5. Master your business:

During the interview, Stone brought out figures on Russia’s GDP and unemployment levels and Putin corrected him about 3 times. The difference was 0.1 but Putin did not hesitate to set the record straight. He knows his numbers, dates and his knowledge of the Russian History is on point! Think of it like you are about to go live on the TV show shark tank; Entrepreneurs, master ALL aspects of your business and know your numbers, sharks show no mercy.

6. Be proud of your backgrounds and origins:

Obviously Putin comes across as the child of the nation. One thing I can tell he is very proud of his modest background and his past as a former agent of the KGB. Keeping in mind where you come from will keep you grounded and take you places.

7. Have your own opinions:

F**king important! Don’t listen or read lobbied media. Research and have a mind of yours. I find it very difficult to run a business and being scared of what people will think of you. After watching the documentary, I read an article online about the documentary and I was very surprised that the author said Putin came across as homophobic and misogynic. I couldn’t believe that in 4 hours of interview that is all he had to say and I do not agree with this review. I think Putin did a great job in coming across as charismatic and accessible but do not take my work for it! (Wink)

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